It’s About The Bottom Line

Fleet Managers face a lot of challenges: maintaining a loyal and dedicated workforce, ensuring driver comfort and safety, staying on schedule and keeping costs down. Airworks is here to help. 
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Offering Airworks as part of your recruitment and retention program will attract more employees who’ll want to stay with you longer.

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Drivers can rest easy. In the event of an electrical malfunction, our SafeStop™ technology automatically disconnects the power from the system, drastically reducing risks to the operator.

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Airworks lowers your fuel and maintenance costs. Straight forward installations mean your fleet gets back on the road fast.

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Well-rested operators are more alert, drive more safely, stay on schedule and are less prone to accidents.

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Stay on-side with government regulations: Airworks complies with no-idle laws across Canada and the US.

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Airworks is backed by a two-year parts, one-year labor, limited warranty. We’ve got you covered.


Temperature F C
Sleeper Size
Outside Temperature
Inside Temperature
Solar Effect
Air Loss/Escape
Cab Humidity
Cab Insulation
Interior Light(s)

Estimated Run-Time


cooling capacity

power input

running hours

Disclaimer: The values provided are estimations for illustration purposes only. All values are subject to deviations and are non-binding.