Airworks 12-volt actuated AC unit

The Next Generation of No-Idle Climate Control

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Performance. Quality. Safety.

These three core principles guide the engineering, manufacturing and operation of every Airworks’ product. The result is the most advanced, state-of-the-art idle-free cab comfort solution that’s perfect for individual rigs or entire fleets.

Airworks Genesis System Components

Every component of the Airworks' Genesis system is custom engineered to deliver peak performance, efficiency, safety and durability.

1 Powerful

Provides cool air in the harshest environments with 10,000 BTUs* of cooling power.

2 SafeStop™

Automatically disconnects all power from the system in the event of any electrical malfunction.

3 Rustproof

Structural components are manufactured utilizing 316 stainless steel, eliminating rust or corrosion.

4 Weatherproof

Electrical components are IP67 and IP68 certified (water resistant / waterproof).

5 AccuSpeed™

Controller automatically adjusts system to maintain target temperature at maximum efficiency.

6 Rechargeable

Powered by 12 volts; batteries recharged by chassis alternator while driving.

7 Smart Design

Requires minimal intrusion to the mounting surfaces, making installation a breeze.

8 Stylish

Components take up minimal space and add a stylish complement to any application.


Airworks' systems are simple to install. Professional staff at each of our install facilities take care of you from start to finish.

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